Why Would Your Guides Do That?

I have a Spiritual Counselor who helps me figure stuff out. Sometimes I call her in sheer desperation thinking that I’m somehow the only person who is going through whatever drama I’m going through, only to get reminded of how aligned I am with everyone else. She reminds me of the faces and phases of the moon, she knows what planets are aligned, and she understands that sometimes I see the whole picture, clear with details that everyone else misses, and still don’t get it. She is awesome, and the most awesome thing about her is that she reminds me of how awesome I am.

Recently we were talking about inner knowing and faith. I was chatting about how sometimes I am so connected with my surrounding that I can sense things are going to happen before they do. I can feel my surroundings, I can feel the people in them, and there is this sort of inner knowing that makes me feel confident and secure as to my life. I was getting ready to laugh at myself, for thinking I’m Psychic Patty or something, with the super power to read minds, but them she reminded me that this inner knowing is real. We as humans came to earth with guides, and they help when we let them.

There really is this voice inside our head that guides towards our better self. When you really get quiet and listen to what your body is telling you, the ability to tap into the best possible scenario emerges. “Its not possible” I argued. “Sometimes there are five different voices in my head telling me what to do.”

“Now, why would your guides do that to you?” My Fairy Like Counselor asked me? I instantly knew – they wouldn’t. So then what are all those other voices we hear in our head, when we are trying to find answers in our everyday life? Its other people, and our egos. Its your mom, your ex, your best friend from third grade, and maybe even the lunch lady from your school, its also the part of you that fears and worries. When there are too many voices in your head, stop the chatter and listen to the voices one at a time. Disregard all of the voices that are not you (even your mom’s) and tell them to go back to where they came from. You know what is best for your life – listen to you, you got this.

3 thoughts on “Why Would Your Guides Do That?”

  1. Interesting, I never thought about it that way. Usually for me being a mom of 4 children and having to take care of the house chores plus still go to school, my mind is always thinking and trying to figure things out. Sometimes I just go into my room and close the door for a few minutes to get myself together and refocus. Maybe that’s how tune out all the other voices.

  2. I like this post, enjoyed this one regards for putting up. “The universe is not hostile, nor yet is it unfriendly. It is simply indifferent.” by John Andrew Holmes.

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