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I Make Delicious Beans

I make delicious beansI start off by adding hot water to my crock pot that is turned on high. I get 1 big pork neck bone (organic and antibiotic free) and add it to the pot. I sort my pound of beans on the biggest cutting board I have, laying them all flat so that I can easily see any pebbles and imperfections. I sort the (organic) beans and rinse them, then add them to the crock pot. I add half and onion and one large Chile Relleno Chile to it. After a while, I add some salt. My beans are delicious and they always come out that way.

But it hasn’t always been that way. My beans have not always tasted so delicious, that you can eat them in soup form, without adding buckets of lard to make them re-fried. I have been made fun for my beans plenty:

“I didn’t know beans could be al dente.” 

“Oh, you made black beans this time?”

Aren’t you Mexican?”

“Is this dinner?”

And, after finally starting to make delicious beans.

“Did your mom make these?”

I now make delicious beans so consistently delicious that I can make them for dinner, and nobody will cry. And this is why I’m bragging (yes- my beans are brag worthy) because I took this thorn on my side that was in reality very embarrassing, and I fixed it through perseverance and dedication. I laughed at myself, I made myself eat nasty beans, I threw away beans, I gave beans a rest only to try to cook them again, and then I conquered the beans. And my life is better for it. Life improvements don’t always come as clouds parting with the sun shining through them, and a big orchestra playing in the background while you smile in confidence. Sometimes life improvements are a minor as, dinner doesn’t suck anymore – because you learned to tame beans.