Stop Asking For Help

stopaskingnormal*From Normal People

Sometimes its a good idea to get advice from your Elders, because they have been around longer, and know how certain things work already. Sometimes, its a great idea to google something you don’t quite understand, because the collective knowledge of the internet is vast and can teach you lots. Often times, we NEED the help of our friends and family because they are our support system.

And sometimes we need to realize that we are surrounded by normal people, who have limiting beliefs. Normal people have debt, normal people have relationship issues, normal people have aches and pains, normal people work hard and play hard, normal people just want to be happy, normal people KNOW that life has it limits and a rulebook. Normal people believe that Doctors know best, normal people think you just have to put up with certain things. Normal people HATE everyday chores and force themselves to do it anyway. Normal people have HATE. Normal people have nice houses and nice cars. Normal people are basic, because normal people don’t believe in fairy tales.

Go find yourself a weirdo to get your advice from. Weirdo’s dress for comfort and self love. Weirdo’s know how to love life, weirdo’s can walk barefoot in the grass (while the normal folk are afraid of dog poop), weirdo’s know that abundance is for everyone, and not just the rich and famous. Weirdo’s are comfortable alone and know that its better than being around energy suckers. Weirdo’s know how to be happy.

Sure, you can get relationship advice from someone who has been divorced three times. They DO know a lot about relationships. But you can also get relationship advice from that couple who never married and has been living in bliss for the last 20 years. Find people whose lives work for them, and duplicate it on your universe.

You are amazing, please give me your weirdest advice. I’d love to hear it.

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