Spiritual Boost for HOT Days

Spiritual WorkMy island is in the middle of a heat wave, and its gonna get HOT here.  Everyone around me will be scorching. Perfect weather for spiritual cleansing work.

In the summer of 2015, I began a course on Unlimited Abundance, which I purchased through Mind Valley and is led by Christie Marie Sheldon. The program teaches you how to find limiting beliefs in your reality, so that you may transform them into something that is beneficial for you and those around you. A example of a limiting belief can be thinking that you have to work hard in order to get what you want. Well, its true, you can get where you want with hard work, but you can also get there with soft work, fun work, baby steps, and even cartwheels. Hard work is un-flexable, impenetrable, arduous, strenuous, exhausting, grueling, heavy, and a choice.

Something else the UA program teaches is tools. One tool is building a spiritual bonfire. This bonfire is meant for you to throw all the spiritual gunk you carry around into. Here is how you make one: You close your eyes, connect to the light by imagining yourself going 300 feet up in the air, and then you imagine a great big fire in front of you. This fire is a fire of love, and it is meant to burn away all of your pain, fear, sadness, or any other heaviness that lives in your body. I have been clearing lots of anger lately, and it feels good to have it burn away. You can throw people who are mean to you into the fire, and picture all the meanness and spite melting away. This fire is a special fire of truth, so only things that are not true can melt away. For example, if you throw yourself into the bonfire, the only things that will melt away are your fears, worries, insecurities, and stresses. Your beauty, your light, your inner shine stay behind and are even easier to see because all the other gunk is gone.

That’s my spiritual boost for you on a hot day. Embrace the heat, know that it is burning away all your fears and worries, and problems. Melt all the gunk away!

Thank you God for the beautiful weather.

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