Sacrifice Is Overrated

Sacrafice-2I often get uncomfortable whenever I have a parent near me, eager to find a common ground says: “We all make sacrifices for our kids, right?” I have a mixture of feeling sorry for the person, while feeling a little guilty in myself, while gauging what the best way to respond to someone who thinks that sacrificing for their children equals love. It feels very raw and pure, and emotional, to know that you would take a bullet for someone, give the shirt off your back, share the food from your own plate. If I didn’t have any, I would give you what I don’t have and that equals love, right? No. Not really. Not at all.

What you are actually doing by creating these metaphorical catastrophe, in order to show love, is creating lack. Its also creating, pain, co-dependance, and gore. Why not, instead of creating debilitating situations, to show,that even at your worst you would express love -you create abundance instead? Instead of giving our child the shirt off our backs, lets create a new shirt so we can both have one. Not enough food? Share it anyway. Don’t want to share? Then fast out of love, not sacrifice.

Imagine your parents sacrificing for you. Imagine your mom working late at night so that you could have new clothes. Wouldn’t you rather your mom be with you and use hand me downs? It doesn’t really feel good and enjoyable to have something while another is in lack as a direct consequence. How can I enjoy my meal, knowing that your belly is gnawing in hunger?

Let’s let go of the limitations belief that sacrifice shows love. Sacrifice is lack, love is love. Lets create more love. Next time you feel like sacrificing, think of what choices you have besides destroying something for the sake of something else.

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