Ride The Energy Wave

Ride the Energy WaveBefore I started to re-enact the crazy in my mother, I used to be my own person. One of my super powers was the ability to be around high energy, chaotic, dramatic, hormonal, often drug and alcohol raged people, while still being able to maintain my own energy field. I was teaching high school english to high schoolers who were “at promise.” Basically I was teaching “bad kids.” You know these bad kids, they drop out of school, get thrown in jail, have babies, and fall behind on their high school graduation track for some reason or another. Life can be very difficult for a 16 year old with a baby, a job, a dream, and the inability to add (and for the 14 year old “normal” kid who somehow ended up at this school and is basically in shock).

My biggest hurdle was teaching “drug class” a class full of teenage potheads who had no intention of letting cannabis go. One day after class was done, my mentor came into the classroom to ask me how I was doing. I was honest with him: I can’t teach this class anymore, being around a bunch of high people makes me feel high too. He looked at me funny. “You mean its annoying to be around students who are high and you feel like they should maybe not be allowed in the classroom, right?” No. That’s not what I meant at all. What I meant was that I was picking up on the energy that was being put into my classroom. The hyper kids gave me energy, the depressed kids sucked my energy, and the kids who were on drugs gave me a contact high. I was taking in their energy.

I blame part of energy transfer on the way the building was set up. It had no real windows, poor lighting, and inadequate ventilation. But thats’s a different story. My all knowledgable mentor then took me to his classroom. He showed me the gray walls, the bright colors, and the sage. He then taught me: have something that neutralizes them, have something that clears them, and have something that mirrors you. It was beautiful, but it was not enough. I just stared at him. Someone who has sage in their classroom ON PURPOSE, surely knows more. He did. That’s when he taught me to ride the energy wave.

Riding the energy wave goes something like this: before you enter any building, take it in. Its a good habit for all Californians have to have since it is necessary for us to be able to duck and cover and any given time, but this take it in is a little different. Take in the energy of the building and what is going on inside it. Then, grab your surf board, and go in. Your surf board is your protection, keep it close. In the mornings, paddle on by, and hang out in the low tide, paddling slowly, waving and smiling as you walk to your classroom. By mid morning, when students begin to show up, take on some high waves, its starting to get fun. After lunch, after students get fed frozen, deep fried carbs in packages, get ready, thats when most big waves come, hang on to your board and ride the wave. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE Enjoy it – its a magical surf board that you are riding and you can’t fall off. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE ride that wave all the way until the babes are about to go home. Then paddle on out of there again.

He was absolutely right. And it works with using a skateboard, bike, or off road vehicle instead. The basic of it is not to take in the energy of others, protect yourself and work around it. The energy of others’ is real, and you can use it to push yourself forward, tap into happiness, or any other positive thing that is available – but you don’t have to take it in as your own.

Drug class was chill after that. Riding the energy of the little stoners became more of a game, seeing if I could direct them towards SOME sense. And I stopped getting a contact high from them. Sometimes (lol).





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