Procrastination Through Hard Work

Procrastination is putting stuff that you know you have to do off. We punish our procrastinating selves by calling us lazy, or stupid, or shrugging and saying that’s just what we do. There is more to it than that. When you find yourself procrastinating, stop punishing yourself, and start looking at what the problem REALLY is. For example, I have a business at but I PROCRASTINATE, on it. Why? Because I can’t really pinpoint the niche of my business and it makes me feel silly. Is this business good enough? Would anyone buy my services? If someone does buy my services, will they find a good value in it? What makes me qualified to sell this? What if I have let my customers down? What if I get too busy and don’t have time for my kids?

Instead of stopping, and looking at my “real” concerns, I’ve been procrastinating. Through HARD WORK. I put a lot of time and effort, into learning new skills. I have taught myself basic web design, I can make awesome graphics on canvas, I have a successful Etsy Shop, I can teach you about SEO, I can market through Pinterest…  Did I mention I taught myself basic web design? Ive read books on Social Media Strategies (always use the same picture so people know for sure its you!), I’ve created a brand, I am the Captain of Teams on Etsy, I have found mentors to help me along.  Ahhhhhhhh. I have been WORKING HARD AND LEARNING LOTS. And procrastinating. Because the truth is that I have been working on all of those other skills so that I can NOT have to set up my services on my website and NOT have to put my business out there.

It feels good to be sincere. Im going to add more services to my site today. Im being silly. I am an AMAZING writing coach, and I know it. And now I’m feeling like a motivator too. So, whatever YOU have been procrastinating on – STOP IT. Exercising does make a difference, you can mend that button, pump gas in the car NOW, EAT THAT FROG!!!

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