My Mexican Novela Entry #1

As Isabel laid in the warm Hermosa Beach sun atop her white cotton macrame hammock, she appreciated how perfect her life had become.  The beachfront property, fancy cars, and hipster food were great, but she also felt a personal satisfaction that she had not felt in a really long time.  Ever, maybe, but she didn’t want to remember too far back, she liked living her life, perfectly in the present, her past, in the past.  Her personal business was thriving and her health was soaring, at 38, she was more lean and flexible, then she had ever been in her youth.  Other things were going on too, people around her who would previously irk her or get on her nerves, were magically disappearing, or changing.   In many ways, her life had become, The True, Southern California Dream.  Her husband, Jonathan, who she’d broken into a man filled with peace and tranquility, a few months earlier, by overdoing some meditations, jogged over to her, after his Sunday Beach Volleyball game.  She secretly described him as broken, because the extreme laid backness that had taken over him would have been appalling to the man he was before.

“Who won love?” She asked, while she sipped at her chilled Organic Yerba Matte tea topped with fresh mint from her organic balcony herb garden.  She had been fasting that day, comfortably, as her body was now trained to her health ways.

“I think the other team,” her husband, Jonathan, responded absentmindedly as he picked up beach sand and slowly funneled it out his hand and onto his toes.  The dust he picked up all around him danced in the wind.  He licked beach sand off his lips.  “I wasn’t really paying attention.  Halfway through the game I got stuck looking at the waves created by the sand when disturbed by our feet.  I was enjoying looking at the similarity in sand waves and ocean waves.  One set smaller, one set permanent, kind of.  Longer anyway.”  Isabel had already began practicing Reiki on herself as Jonathan happily continued chatting about sand waves, ocean waves, microwaves, and inventing a giant plastic magnet which specifically attracted micro pieces of plastic.  Isabel didn’t question Jonathan anymore regarding possibility, she just let him happily create.  She remembered an earlier conversation about particles of plastic that are found on all beaches – and Jonathan’s fear that we all now ate plastic, plankton haunted him for a while.  His personality, though now seemingly on heavy medication, was still insistent.  As he described the scientific need for his imaginary invention, an awkward looking male in his mid 20’s caught Isabel’s eye.  Men his age always gave her the jitters, men born in the early 90’s.  This particular one looked like a wield mix of her high school boyfriend… and her brother.  She tried to concentrate on her shoe and jewelry collection, trying to ignore the creepy feeling she felt in the pit of her stomach.  It was worse than the time she had gotten drunk on cheap 7-Eleven alcohol and broken her gluten free, vegan diet on a California Burrito.  Stupid stuff like that happened to her whenever she went back home, something she dreaded doing and hardly ever did.  It sounds glamorous to say you are from San Diego, so usually she just left it at that.

She tried to ignore her strange attraction for the youth by chanting healing mantra’s in her head.  There was no denying however, that no matter how many times she de-storied her past, her connection, in the present, to this man, who was building sand castles with two little girls, was real.  And there was something about these little girls.  The shape of their heads, the octave of their shrieks, the way they connected with each other.  It all reminded her, of her two young nieces.  She abruptly shut the healing mantra’s inside her head, and instead turned her full attention to her husband.  She sat up from her self contained macrame hammock, and immersed herself in Jonathan’s description of their new business venture:  installing gray water systems in every home in Los Angeles.  She had to really concentrate on the discreet water catcher attached to a grade A filtration system.  She had to imagine the scarce rain that would feed potable water into the homes.  There were more details of course, but she was back to just letting the love of her life chit chat in the background.  The goal had been met, that strange family from the beach was off her mind.

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