Monday Morning Trick

Monday Morning TrickHappy Thursday!

Monday Mornings are tough for me in the most First World Problems sense of “tough.” Usually it has to do with a weekend full of walking by toys without picking them up, not constantly wiping counters, and heating and eating leftovers without a microwave. I unwind on the weekends and my house shows it. I like to blame the children, but I know that its my shoes, my unfinished craft projects, my stack of cut magazines, and my scraps of yarn and fabric that make up a large part of the mess.

So, here’s what I do to remedy the overwhelmed with stuff situation. I grab a trash bag and fill it for donations.  HAHA roommates – bet you didn’t know about that one. I walk around the house, and add that shirt that doesn’t really fit that’s on the floor, that doll with messy hair who’s leg comes off, random silverware that doesn’t fit our sets, duplicate stuff, and anything else that I never want to clean up again. Basically, if its making a mess in my house, its gone. Sometimes I rummage through closets and drawers to make sure the bag is filled all the way to the top. I take the bag and put it in the garage, wait for a week to see if anything “important” was “accidentally” put in there, and donate it soon after.

This method works well on any day of the week.



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