Know Your (The) Truth

Last week, after yet ANOTHER “we need to get healthy” talk with my husband, I fed my family fish and vegetables for dinner. It was delicious, and the kids gobbled it up. They ate that broccoli, zucchini, and couple of green beans with smiles, and even complained: “I only got one green bean.” I was a proud momma. My husband turned to me and said (something along the lines of): “See, the kids are eating like that because they crave more vegetables.”

Darkness and guilt filled my heart – I don’t give my kids enough vegetables and they crave them! The fiber, vitamins and minerals that they are missing out on, the horror! And then before I took myself over the edge, looking up food menu’s and recipes of foods I don’t like to eat because they have veggies, I tapped into my (the) truth.

The truth is that the kids gobbled up the veggies because I cooked them deliciously scrumptious in olive oil, salt, and butter, serving them just a little crisp, right before they turned mushy. And the truth is that my kids eat a lot of fruit, and vegetables. I feed them fruit with breakfast, as a snack, and with their lunches. I make salads, puree whole vegetables into their soups, dice them up into enchiladas and tacos. I serve them up whole and raw, and lightly cooked and all ways you can think of. I also have olive oil, pecans, and avocados in my pantry for healthy fats. Something else? I buy organic meats, and avoid GMO’s.

So why was I worried about “getting healthy” and why was I feeling guilty? Because I had lost sight of the truth. I let the fear I see on social media, through my husband, and on the news get to me. I took in all the statistics about kids who don’t exercise and who are overweight to heart – forgetting the whole time, that I am already part of the solution. I already feed my kids well and make them play outside. Im changing my language. My husband and I are no longer “getting healthy” we are now “becoming even more healthy.” The truth is that I already do a lot of things right, and you probably do too. Let’s celebrate that.

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