Ignoring Great Advice

ignore great adviceA couple of weeks ago, while browsing mommy blogs on Pinterest, I found a theme in their writing: “In order for your house to always be clean, make sure to always finish what you started.”  was the general theme for the day. “If you only do half the dishes, then you’ll end up doing the dishes twice.” Was one of the many examples given to illustrate the point. That got under my skin. THAT’s ME!!! Im always doing dishes! Three, four times a day. Sometimes more. I was in heaven thinking about how I was only going to do dishes once, and then be done. The advice made sense. I incorporated the advice.

And the dishes got out of control. You see, instead of waking up and seeing a few dishes in my sink, and washing them – I left them. Why waste time washing a few cups, if I’m going to be packing lunches and making breakfast in a few minutes, and dirtying more dishes? Did I foreshadow adequately? Can you now picture me with a mountain of dishes that I now have to tackle – In one sitting – because that’s what the awesome advice said??? And not stopping in the middle either, because shoot – If I stop, then I’m just doing dishes twice, right?

That advice didn’t work for me. There is no mommy blog out there that is going to make washing dishes for five people without a dishwasher more pleasant. You just have to suck it up, or live in “happy service”, or buy a dishwasher, or make someone else do it. Sometimes great advice is just not so great – for you.

  1. Does the advice work for you?
    1. We are all made differently, so our solutions are different too. What works for your sister, does not necessarily work for you.
  2. Does the person you are getting advice from, live the life you want to live?
    1. Are you getting marriage advice from a person who has been divorced three times because obviously a person who has failed so many times knows what mistakes not to make?
    2. Remember, you are looking for advice on what to do. If you want to know what NOT to do – listen to your gut, if it churns in agony DONT DO IT.
  3. Is the person in a similar situation as you?
    1. Maybe I was being silly and getting dish washing advice from someone with a dishwasher?
  4. Is the advice outdated?
    1. Some things, never grow old. Other things do.
  5. Are you following the advice because its from your mom? Or your aunt who is always there? Or your best friend who knows you best?
    1. Mom is always right, just ask any of MY kids. But still, just because mom gives you advice, doesn’t mean its right for you, or you have to follow it. Sometimes all you need from mom are love and well wishes, NOT ADVICE.

Excuse me while I go wash dishes 😉


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