If You Want To Be a Writer: Write

When I visualize my perfect life, its pretty much as I live it now – but RICH. My curtains are art pieces, my windows are tinted, my clothes is organically sourced from natural fibers. I hang out and go to yoga, play with my kids, plan vacations, and go on picnics. All that stuff like laundry, cooking, organizing, household shopping, someone else takes care of that. I hang out, journal, crochet, embroider, or send out Mail Art. Life would be just perfect if I could just write out a best selling novel, had it turned into a multi million dollar movie, and got  paid to travel promoting it. It feels like if the back of my head has been writing this story for years – but when I sit down, it doesn’t flow from me. Until it begins to flow, I will continue doing what I love: journaling, sending letters, playing with my kids, and hanging out. Why force myself to eat fruit that is not yet ripe?


So if you want to be a writer: write. If you want to hang out with your kids: hang out with your kids. If you want to run a marathon: run a marathon. But if you only yearn for the celebration of completing a task, then do something else, life is too short to do tasks that you don’t love.

Im gonna go write someone a letter.

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